YP Merge is a concept developed out of a desire to increase collaboration amongst Young Professional groups in the Edmonton region.  Much of this spurred from the cooperation in planning the SHIFT Conference (www.shiftconference.ca), the brain-child of the Edmonton Construction Association and its Young Builders Group (YBG), which will head into its fourth year in 2018.


SHIFT has taught us how worthwhile it is to participate in each other's YP events. Collaboration starts with relationships – and relationships don't come out of thin air.  However, we often hear: "It's impossible to keep track of all the different YP events in Edmonton."  In response to this concern, YP Merge is pleased to launch as your one-stop YP calendar and social media portal.  You'll be able to see and register for all of Edmonton's YP events in one place.  No more juggling - no more missing out.  Happy connecting!



Who's involved?

Our goal is to have all of the owner, design & construction YP organizations in Edmonton coming together to create a network of easily accessible YP events.
As of now, we have the following organizations on board & raring to go: